W52 Milling Machine

The 5-axis milling machine for dry and wet machining
A good all-round dental milling machine.

·Digital and Intelligent Wet Milling Solution

DEPRAG W52 is a wet and dry 5-axis dental milling machine, can process a wide range of materials, which can help labs or clinics to complete the processing of zirconia, glass ceramics, premill and other materials.

The W52 comes standard with a high-power 62mm diameter spindle and is equipped with a water cooling, which not only can quickly and excellently complete the processing of dental materials, but also ensures the stability and durability of the equipment for long-term work to the greatest extent.

Millable Material


Glass ceramics



Plastics Wax


Holder Types

Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)

  • Standard
  • Suitable for processing φ98mm zirconia discs, resin discs, titanium discs, etc
  • Enables 5-axis milling up to 90 degrees axis adjustment
  • Maximum material thickness 35mm

Block holder

  • Standard
  • 6 positions, suitable for blocks of glass ceramics, resin and zirconia
  • Glass-ceramic block size I12/C14/C16/B32/B40 available
  • PMMA and zirconia block Size
    40*15*14/40*15*19/55*15.5*19 available

Premill Abutment holder

  • Standard
  • 3 positions, Suitable for premill titanium
  • Integrated systems Arum, Geo, manix, Yenadent, NT-trading
  • Arum system standard, other system holder optional
Base Cabinet (Standard)
Size 750*600*800mm
Weight 100 KG
Vacuum Cleaner (Optional)
Power 360W(220V~50/60HZ)
Size 260mmx420mmx450mm
Capacity 3.6L
Processing mode   Dry&Wet
Millable material Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite, CoCr
Applications Crown | Bridge, Veneer, Inlay | Onlay, Abutment, Denture, Screw-retained
bridge, Model cast, Occlusal splint, Surgical guide
Power 220V/2.5kW
Dimension 525 × 700 × 800 mm
Weight 130kg
Air supply pressure                                  >0.5 MPa
Air flow >90 L/min
Water tank capacity 6L
Structure parameters  
Basic construction Aluminium                                      
Number of axes 5
Rotary axis A-axis 360°
Rotary axis B-axis +30°~-90°
Tool 18
Speed 60,000 rpm
Power 2.5kW
Positioning/Repositioning accuracy 0.01/ 0.005 mm
Collet Φ6 mm
Collet Method Water cooling
All models CE                                                   
North America model FCC
Scope of delivery  
CAM Software            Millbox / Hyperdent / WorkNC available
Clamps Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)
  Block holder
  Premill Abutment holder

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