PL7 Dental 3D Printer

Integrated Light Source LCD 3D Printer For Dentistry

PL7 is DEPRAG focus on dental digital& intelligence needs to create a new integrated LCD light curing 3D printer.
The equipment design using high-precision technology and materials, both DLP technology and LCD technology advantages, can meet the needs of dental a wide range of 3D printing, is the first choice for the performance of LCD light curing 3D printer.

Digital& Intelligent 3D Printing Solutions

Saving time costs, material costs, labor costs, PL7 and its perfect partners will provide you with a practical, efficient and ideal digital & intelligent solution for your dental 3D printing.

Why choose LCD integral light source dental 3D printer?

8.9 in. 4K B & W screen

3840*2400 pixels, instant curing with ultra-high light intensity

Fast printing technology

This PL7 has excellent printing speed, speed Max can meet 60mm/h

New integral light source

Light uniformity of 95%, the effect is better than parallel light source

ACF release technique

Reduce draft resistance, improve printing speed and success rate



Self-developed slicing software DEPRAG 3D BOX,is simple and convenient to operate, easy to use.

Light Curing & Cleaning Integrated Machine

The innovative design of DEPRAG’s light curing and cleaning integrated machine, realizes the streamlined upgrade of cleaning and secondary curing steps, which is more convenient and quicker, and saves you a variety of hidden costs.

Resin Consumables

DEPRAG’s dental dedicated high-quality resin material, odorless and surface smooth after molded, can bring the users and the patients an excellent comfortable using experience. In addition, the hardness after molded is better than most resin material in the market, not easy to deform,easy to store.

Release Film

Using ACF material, compared with the traditional PET material, its surface is smoother and tighter, which can better resist the influence of tensile force, And has a relatively ideal service life and can be replaced within 5 minutes.

Product Parameter  
Compatible Resin 405mm Wavelength Photosensitive Resin, Compatible With Third-Party Resins
Equipment Size 432*292*456mm
Printing Size 192*120*100mm
Display Panel 8.9-Inch 4K Ultra-High Single Color Screen
Resolution 3840*2400 Pixels
Touch Screen 5 Inch Color Screen
Anti-Aliasing 8x Anti-Aliasing
Z Axis Type Double Linear Guide + Ball Screw
Printing Speed 1-4S/Layer, 60mm/h
Print Layer Thickness 0.0025-0.1mm
XY Axis Accuracy 0.047mm
Rated Power 250W
Equipment Weight 19KG

Brochure, Accessories Price List, Instructions & other files

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