D52-ADC Milling Machine

24-Hour Milling For Labs

Digital & Intelligent Zirconia Milling Solution

DEPRAG D52-ADC digital and intelligent dental milling machine is the best choice for building a digital lab. It adopts the development concept of high automation, which can help the lab to complete the processing of zirconia, resin and other materials.

With the trend of more and more preshade zirconia blocks being used in labs, the frequency of manual disc changing has been greatly increased. The D52-ADC is equipped with 8-slot automatic disc changer, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs. At the same time, the automatic disc changing function also realizes unattended milling at night, and realizes 24/7 milling. In addition, a series of automatic functions such as automatic tooth removal and automatic calibration can reduce the direct participation of personnel, standardize the production process, and ensure production stability.

Millable Material





Holder Types

Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)

  • Enables 5-axis milling up to 90 degrees axis adjustment
  • Maximum material thickness 35mm

Block holder

  • 6 positions, suitable for zirconia and PMMA block
  • 8*13*15/20*15*14/20*15*19/40*15*14/40*15*19/55*15.5*19 available

Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP with plastic secondary clamps)

  • Optional
  • Enables 5-axis milling up to 90 degrees axis adjustment
  • Maximum material thickness 35mm
  • Higher utilization rate, convenient for repeated clamping

Round closed clamp holder

  • Maximum material thickness 35mm
Base Cabinet
Size 870mm*770mm*820mm
Weight 85 KG
Vacuum Cleaner
Power 360W(220V~50/60HZ)
Size 260mmx420mmx450mm
Capacity 3.6L
Processing mode                                                                                             Dry
Millable material Zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, PEEK, soft milling CoCr sintering metal
Applications Crown, bridge, veneer, inlay, onlay, abutment, denture, screw-retained bridge, model cast, occlusal splint, surgical guide
Structure parameters
Basic construction Aluminium
Number of axes 5
Linear axes X-/Y-/Z-axis Precision ball screws
High alloy steel precision guide
Rotary axis A-axis ±30°
Rotary axis B-axis 360°
Tool 10
Speed 60,000 rpm
Power 1800 W
Positioning/Repositioning accuracy 0.01/ 0.005 mm
Collet Φ4 mm
Automation Functions  
Automatic disc changer                8 discs
Automatic Calibration Fixed frequency auto-calibration
Automatic Teeth Removal Optionally enable automatic tooth removal mode
RFID identification Automatically identify disc information
Size And Weight  
Dimension 850 × 780 × 835 mm    
Footing Size 570 × 480 mm
Weight 230 kg
Scope of delivery  
CAM Software Millbox / Hyperdent / WorkNC available
Clamps Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)
  Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP with plastic secondary clamps)
  Round closed clamp
  Block holder
The rest of the accessories                                                                                                            Spindle maintenance kit,turning pin(*3),calibration block,jig screw(*20),
special material tray(*10),vacuum cleaner assembly, instruction manual,U-disk ,Aviation plug for vacuum cleaner, common maintenance tool kit

Brochure, Accessories Price List, Instructions & other files

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