The S7 Ultra sintering furnace breaks the public’s traditional perception of sintering furnace with its ultra-fast sintering rate of 20 minutes. DEPRAG has always focused on providing high-value digital dental solutions, freeing technicians from repetitive and inefficient work, fully respecting value and creating value.

Black and white advanced color matching, simple and generous, the volume of the whole equipment is only 1/2 of the traditional sintering furnace, for you to create patients trust, modern science and technology sense of stomatology hospital.

Short Sintering Time And High Efficiency

S7 Ultra sintering furnace with high quality heating elements, a short time to ultra-fast heating up to 200 degrees/min, shorten the equipment warm-up time, in addition to the furnace in the cooling phase of the “section” automatic opening.

The 20-minute sintering time not only means that the sintering furnace has broken through the original limit to complete the upgrade, but also means that technicians and doctors have more time and space to create and process, which will improve work efficiency and create more value. In the “active repair” process, operators are no longer doing repetitive and inefficient useless work, they become the creator and leader of the whole process again.

Many Materials Apply,Strong Function

The S7 Ultra sintering furnace has a precise temperature control function, which can set the precise temperature according to different materials and requirements, thus supporting the sintering, crystallization and glazing functions of zirconia, glass ceramics and other materials.

A single machine integrates the functions of multiple devices into one, solves multiple needs, and enables stomatological hospitals to reduce not only the cost of purchasing equipment, but also the cost of managing and maintaining equipment. Moreover, simplifying the number of devices would allow technicians to focus less on the patient experience.

Humanized and intelligent

We built an intelligent operating system into the S7 Ultra sintering furnace. The highly praised one-button temperature calibration function, automatically records the service life of the heating element, one-button control; Online automatic upgrade and remote monitoring, can check the equipment system and operation situation online, better experience the intelligent system; Clear and intuitive sintering progress display, no more operation to directly view one second.

In addition, S7 Ultra sintering furnace also sets more than 80 sintering curves, heating element life detection and replacement reminders, etc., full of details, fully taking into account the experience of technicians in the process of use, simplifying the operation process, easy to get started.

Perfect After-sales Support

In order to make technicians quickly skilled and fully use the functions of the S7 Ultra sintering furnace, Deprag provides a full set of operation courses from installation to use instructions, and teaches you how to use it hand by hand.